Memorium for Peter Capell - our Beloved Friend, Collector and Mentor

Peter Capell passed away late yesterday August 30, 2019, 5 days before his 75th birthday. This short Memorium was written by me, his lifelong friend. It can also be viewed on his Facebook Page where you may respond or comment.

My dearest and oldest friend of more than 70 years who left us just yesterday, I will miss your friendship, your advisement, your lessons and lectures, your sense of humor, your love for life and Dirk's seafood and dals, our talking about the dogs and golf and growing up in Paterson, and so much more.

I cannot put into words how sad I am at losing you - one of the "4 musketeers" who grew up together in Paterson, NJ - all of us to turn 75 in this Summer of 2019 - but not so for you - who left us just 5 days before your turn. We are all heart-broken.

I can't find the right words to describe the incongruity, enigma, paradox - the insane turn of events that led to your leaving us. The blessings that you received from the caring people who responded to your loss of Tucker with the gift of your beloved Jordyn, who died so prematurely, and then of Hobbs. How insane is it that this series of caring events initiated the series of events that led to your being taken from us. Who ever would have imagined this? It just makes no sense.

I know there are hundreds of people that know you and love you from your long history of breeding Dalmatians and collecting things, from gas station memorabilia to bus stop signs. I will never forget the times we spent rummaging through the dumps in Paterson where we found gas station stuff, and the time we went out at night in Paterson to steal an ancient New Jersey Transit bus stop sign that had not yet been replaced. I will never forget the thousands of hours we must have spent playing with our Lionel, American Flyer and HO electric trains in our basements growing up - or riding bikes together - one time all the way to the George Washington Bridge from Paterson at the age of 10 or 11. And I'll never forget the $0.10 school bus bet I won from you when I walked the 15 miles from Brookside School in Montclair to my house in Paterson at the age of 9.

I will close with your very own words in an email you sent me about Jordyn, because this is how we all feel about losing you:

"4/29/19 9:25am She crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the night. I tried all I could even chemo. She was so loving and giving. I have a huge hole in my heart. I'd welcome another Jordyn if you ever have one. My home is now too empty, too quiet, too lonely."

I love you Peter. But I know that there will never be another Peter, and pray that you are at peace.

Jonathan Wolf

If you have an interest in any of Peter's Collection please contact me directly on my cell at 862-262-1676 and I will reply as soon as possible.


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